My Undercover Shoe Obsession

I have an undercover shoe obsession and I it started at age 10 when I was able to fit into my grandmothers church shoes. I’m sure when we think of church shoes NOW we think of sky high stilettos, sparkly, strappy things that we’d probably bought for a night out on the town. At some point we’d figured , hey, if they looked good last night, they’ll look good today at church! Amen!

But these are not the heels I speak of when I say granny heels. They were cute little black pumps with a kitten heel, and at age 10, I was able to fit into my grandmothers size 6 shoes (This is the only time in life where I was ever a size 6 – those were the days)! I danced around in them, trying to be cute and grown til I got caught and was told to PUT THEM BACK! Heartbroken, I slipped on my little patent leather click clacks with that square man heel and ruffled white socks to accompany them. I swore, when I really was grown, I’d never have to wear another shoe I hated ever again!

Guess what?! I’M GROWN! And as expected, I’m a shoe-monger! I probably have more pics of shoes than actual shoes (gotta budget for this lifestyle -wink) but it doesn’t stop a girl from putting a little penny to the side and grabbing the ones I desire most! I posted a topic on Pinterest and all of the interesting things I found by just scrolling through. One day, I searched “Shoes” and Oh…My…GOD!!!! There it was – shoe HEAVEN! Flats, heels, boots, sneakers, running footwear, Nike barre footwear, I mean everything you could imagine. So of course, I pinned EVERYTHING.

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I have a shoe hanger on the back of my bedroom door that only fits 20 pairs of shoes. Where are all of the others? Stacked in boxes in my closet. I’d like to look at them all before finally going to bed, but, only a select few (if you think 20 is a few) have been chosen to grace my bedroom door. I’ve been tasked with having to organize them by season so that the can all fit. SMH. I need more space! I just want an entire room for them, with little spotlights under each pair, a cute little chair for an easy comfortable place to try them on and a cute little side table to hold my Mimosa!

Oooh something that looks just like this! I’ve gotta save my COINTS!

Are you obsessed with shoes too? Share with me so I don’t feel like I’m the on-liest one!

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So, I am secretly obsessed with Pinterest! I don’t even know where to begin! I’ll admit, I was a bit late to jump on the bandwagon because honestly, I hadn’t heard of it. When I did, I didn’t really understand it because, who just goes around clicking on everything they like? What’s the point?

After taking a moment out of my busy schedule to just sit down and look at it (after a suggestion from my aunt who wanted me to see something that she pinned so bad), I started to see some really interesting things! They had tutorials on makeup, natural hair (this is what she wanted me to see – we were trying new things lol), DIY, beauty products, awesome recipes and much more! I couldn’t believe the access I was given to just about anything I could think of at the tip of my fingers! I just described the internet, but this is much better! It’s not cluttered with things you aren’t looking for or too much content. As a visual person, I was in image HEAVEN!

A lot of these pins inspired me to try new things, share with friends, organize my interests into boards and it kept my creative bug itching!

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Work Started a Little Too Early Today!

I was so excited after getting my final track to my cover of Usher’s “Good Kisser”, I decided to promote it on Instagram ASAP! The only problem was, with a full schedule ahead of me, I barely had enough time to get everything done before I left the house. So, I decided to  get up early, beat my face and do my hair. The idea was to lip sync in front of my camera phone to the “Good Kisser”  track but the music wouldn’t playback loud enough. I decided to blast the song through my VIZIO sound bar via blue tooth and boy was it loud! I had to do a few takes (hey, sometimes it beez like that! lol) just to get it perfect, but I didn’t realize what time it was. It was only 10 am and I had to re-take those shots about 6 times -YIKES! I recorded my reaction when I realized the time… I’m sure my neighbors hate my guts!

New Music! Usher’s “Good Kisser” – Toi Stori

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