Work Started a Little Too Early Today!

I was so excited after getting my final track to my cover of Usher’s “Good Kisser”, I decided to promote it on Instagram ASAP! The only problem was, with a full schedule ahead of me, I barely had enough time to get everything done before I left the house. So, I decided to  get up early, beat my face and do my hair. The idea was to lip sync in front of my camera phone to the “Good Kisser”  track but the music wouldn’t playback loud enough. I decided to blast the song through my VIZIO sound bar via blue tooth and boy was it loud! I had to do a few takes (hey, sometimes it beez like that! lol) just to get it perfect, but I didn’t realize what time it was. It was only 10 am and I had to re-take those shots about 6 times -YIKES! I recorded my reaction when I realized the time… I’m sure my neighbors hate my guts!

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