(OME) Oh My Eyebrows!

Have you ever had such a bad eyebrow grooming experience  and thought to yourself, why can’t I ever just find someone who is  AMAZING?! Do they even exist?! And then, when it seems the heavens just opened up and granted you the greatest blessing on earth to finally bestow upon you a woman who is the eyebrow queen, why is she not CONSISTENT?! 1 week you have eyebrows snatched to Jesus and 3 weeks later you go back and they give you pencil thin flapper girl brows? What is with that?!

At times it gets disappointing and because I don’t feel like hunting for yet, another one, I tend to give the offenders a 2nd chance. (SMH) This only gives them the opportunity to become repeat offenders, and no one likes a repeat offender. Now it’s off to another salon or better yet, staring into the face of every woman I come across. When you find the perfect brow on a strange face, that’s your chance to speak up! (Sound as distressed as possible – she’ll feel more obligated to tell you her secret) Ms. Where did you get your eye brows done?! If she looks at you crazy, give her a brief summary of your horror story. Skip the prologue and get right to the tragedy.  Hopefully, she’ll have pity on your soul and tell you where to go to get a decent brow lift.

Here are some tips on what to “do” or “say” to the brow technician when getting them done  or if you do happen to have a not so good experience, how you can fix it.

1. Getting Them Done:

So you’re in the chair and she asks you, “What do you want done?” This is a what any decent tech start off with. Sometimes you may get one that may not ask you and get straight to work. STOP HER or Him! (How you doin!) You need to give clear concise directions!


~ Thick Brows:
If you want to keep your brows thick, tell them,
“Just clean it up and keep them thick.”
If your brows are thin and you’re trying to grow them back say,
“I’m growing my brows in. Please just clean them up.

This is an example of a nice thick brow.

thick brow











~ Medium Brows:
If you want your brows thinner than thick but not “thin”, tell them,
“I would like medium brows. Not too thick but not too thin.”
(This may seem like common sense but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t know the difference between thick and thin.)

Here is a nice medium brow.



~ Thin Brows:
If you want your brows thin merely tell them,
“I’d like them thin please. But please keep them shapely.”

What you don’t want is flapper girl brows. Flapper  girl brows are those pencil thin brows that are shaped like a rainbow with no depth, definition or character. It literally looks like someone took a sharpie and attacked you in your sleep.  Unless you are trying to create this look on purpose for a period shoot , try to stay away from it. That is so 90’s or better yet 20’s.

Although, this is an amazing pencil drawing, this is not how I want my brows to look.

Joan Crawford Pencil Drawing Fine Art Portrait Classic Hollywood Vintage Glamour Flapper Girl 1920s Art Deco
Joan Crawford Pencil Drawing Fine Art Portrait Classic Hollywood Vintage Glamour Flapper Girl 1920s Art Deco







Nor like this.










Try this!










1. Fixing Them Once They’re Messed Up:

I feel like a professional at fixing messed up eye brows because I’ve had so much practice…sad, but true. My three favorite  products and tools to use is: (Feel free to use your favorite brands.)

Concealer: (MAC) -Match your complexion.
Brown matte shadow: (MAC- Embark Matte)
Angle Brow Brush: This is a slanted detailed brush

First, I take my middle finger and dab concealer over my entire eyebrow. Make sure you get above and below the brow. This allows the pigment of the shadow to stick longer and come on deeper and smoother.

Second, I take my Angle Brow Brush and fill it with the brown matte shadow. I follow these steps below:

Before you know it, you have perfect brows. You can also use this in between waxing or threading visits. The concealer helps to “conceal” the new hairs.

Remember, your eyebrows frame your beautiful face. Make sure they are trimmed, groomed and filled in. Now you know  what to do and say the next time you go to your favorite or not so favorite salon. Fill in and fake it til you make it.

I don’t start my day until my eyebrows are filled in, because, if my eyes are indeed the windows to my soul, I want to make sure my curtains look fabulous honey!

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