My Official Music Video – GOOD KISSER + THANK YOU’S!

The hard work has paid off! Finally, after the shooting, the editing, getting a new computer to create the promo images in CS5 (I was having major issues w/ my old laptop), my video is finally complete!! I am so excited, over joyed, exhausted- yet energized (how does that happen)! It was a great and important journey from start to finish and I am proud of it, myself and my friend, director and singer – Lenny Harold.

Lenny Harold is a close and very creative and talented friend of mine who directed, produced and edited this sexy music video. Together with his vision and mine, we were able to come up with a simple, yet clean video concept to my latest cover GOOD KISSER.

We wanted to focus on beauty shots, lighting, performance and different looks. It was such an enjoyable experience and a pretty detailed one at that. Since we are both conscious about self-branding, we had been faced with the task of making sure the video was sexy, yet tasteful. And, because the video is to a cover song, we were particular about how we wanted the vision comes across.

We wanted to give you a full length visual which wasn’t over the top (we want to save that for my original music!), but, we wanted to give you something to vibe off of and connect with. A lot of us know and like Usher’s version, but there is something about the female voice on this particular song that makes it even more sexier (so I’ve been told!)

You’d also be surprised to know everything you see –  from the lights to the make-up and video was not a huge production. It was 1 man with lights and a camera, me, our friend James who helped assist and of course my sexy co-star Irvin. We shot in 1 room in front of a black screen and that was it. (That was the easy part).

I found different make-up looks online and on Pinterest (I told you I use this **** for everything! – Thanks Red Hot for that tag line). I went out and bought the supplies I needed and practiced lip art and nice eye shadowing that I felt would translate well on camera. Lo and behold it did! Praise the heavens! I even shot a make-up tutorial for one of my favorite looks in the video. I’ll be posting that soon so stay tuned!!

Being creatively independent, we have to find ways to accomplish our goals and dreams on little to no budget at all. But don’t be discouraged. It allows you to get those juices flowing – thinking outside the box and learning new skills on your own to do some awesome and amazing things yourself.

I didn’t have $ in my budget for a make-up artist so, I learned and did it myself. I also chose not to pay $ for a graphics artist so, over the years, I learned and did that myself too.
See my pic below:

Photography: Lenny Harold Hair and Make-up:  Toi Stori
Photography: Lenny Harold
Hair and Make-up: Toi Stori
Graphics/ Image Editing: Toi Stori


It helps to be self-sufficient. It relieves the stress of having no budget and gives you full creative control over your project – but I must say, you will need a creative eye to know what looks good and what doesn’t.

My biggest pet-peeve is my music, images and videos MUST look  and sound professional. If you aren’t sure if your product can hold a flame next to your favorite artist, place them side by side. If if doesn’t look or sound  just as good or even better, don’t release it. Either go back to the drawing board or know your limitations and pass the work on to someone who can help. It’s ok to sit this part of the creative process out. Take notes and come back on the next release and show off what you’ve learned!

Thank you!

With that said, I want to thank Lenny Harold for being so amazing in directing, shooting and editing this video. For his inspiration, guidance, feedback and love he put into this project – he holds a special place in my heart (among other reasons lol).

To James “A-Natural” Foster for pushing me to do this song, arranging vocals and helping to produce and grow the sound that  is Toi Stori, thank you. You know my limitations and you push me past them. The final product is always amazing and i’m always left speechless.

I want to also thank Irvin, my love, for playing an authentic part in this video – giving me the chemistry and confidence I needed in order to perform the true emotions and feelings behind this song. Although you’re not a person who likes to be in front of the camera, you put those feelings to the side, humbled yourself and joined me in the creation of Good Kisser. Your support is overwhelming, amazing and everything – all in one. Thank you for putting yourself out there so I can follow my dreams. I couldn’t have done it with anyone else (wink)!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my family, fans and friends who have shared, posted, re-posted, commented and liked the song and the video! You guys have given me life! Just seeing and hearing the feedback and support has been extremely humbling and overwhelming, This is why I do it! For you, for me, for all of us that struggle to reach a dream that is within our grasps. You also give me confidence and the will to keep going and never give up. Who needs a major deal in order to reach the people you love. You’re already here!

Love you all!

Take On Innovation



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