It’s Not Burnt, It’s Just Black – Burger King Japan Kuro (Black) Burger

WHOA! Ummmmm, I don’t know what to say. A black burger with black buns – Not difficult to digest I guess (pun intended) considering we’ve all probably left a bun or two on the grill or toaster for too long. But, it’s the black cheese that gets me. BLACK CHEESE. Ok, I’m over my weirded-out-ness for the moment, but i’m sure throughout this post it’ll return.

September 19, 2014, Burger King in Japan is re-introducing their Premium Kuro Burger (kuro means “black”) which debuted back in 2012. The black color comes from bamboo charcoal which seems to be a hit in the east dating back to the Ming Dynasty. With natural detox  and bacteria fighting properties, black charcoal has begun to trend and slowly make it’s way into the western mainstream market. Of course you can thank Burger King for that. I read that the bread is moist and tasty. Read. Not tasted, so don’t quote me. Although I would love to try it! Now the cheese…. ion-no.

Apparently, the Japanese customers loved it so much, they brought it back and now incorporated it into the cheese.

Burger King – Bamboo Charcoal Processed Cheese


Now that’s interesting –  considering it looks like a stack of black post it notes – or magnets turned upside down! Now, I’ll try just about anything, but, for some reason, the look of this cheese makes my taste buds prepare to chew on a sliver of rubber. But someone likes it right?

Want to try the “special” sauce made with black squid ink and ketchup? Yeah, I’m a bit wary too. Here comes that weirded-out-ness again. I literally just got goose bumps. But, if I pretend that it’s a deep colored, brown sugar, hickory smoked bbq sauce – I may just be able to get it into my mouth.

There are a couple different varieties of this burger. The Kuro Pearl which has the burger made with black pepper, black cheese and sauce and the  Kuro Diamond which comes with  lettuce, tomato, onion and the usual suspects – sauce, cheese, burgers (you get it).

I’m doing all of this talking like I actually have the option of purchasing and then eating this black burger, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting Japan anytime soon. So I’m off the hook for now. I’d love to try it buuuut the way my passport is set up…

Which foods gross you out, but you wouldn’t mind trying? Share your thoughts!

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