She Nailed it! – Shellac’d Nails

Shellac’d Nails! – My New Fav!

I always knew I had a thing for polishing my nails, adding little crystals, rhinestones, glitter and gems to my nails  –  just to add a little pzazz  when I was flipping someone off on the highway. But what I didn’t realize was how many shades of reds & pinks, yellows, blues and greens, sparkles and whites I had in my possession! It wasn’t until I decided to organize my make-up and polishes into a standing organizer, did I see my collection of polishes in it’s fullest glory! I could literally open up shop and paint nails on the weekends – for a small fee of course! Call to make your appointment – no walk ins!

Every Friday night, I bar tend and I am always conscious about how my hands look when serving someone a drink. They can’t be chipped AT ALL. Who wants a martini with a chipped nail polish garnish? Not me, and definitely not you! So, I usually take the time to make them presentable and if I have a little more time, extremely beautiful!

Lately I’ve been working on some great things! This blog for one has been taking a lot of my time to get it just the way I want it – AWESOME! I’m working on editing videos and tutorials and learning Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Between that and my day time job and Friday nights, I have neglected my favorite grooming experience – home manicures! So sad! All this polish and no time to play.

Last weekend, I made an impulsive decision, when I went to get my eyebrows done (Yes, I gave the eyebrow lady another shot. Too busy to find a new one. Read my horror eyebrow story here lol), to also get my nails done. I noticed my hands looked more than a bit rough – more like I was building the Giza Pyramid brick by brick – alone! I let her talk me into getting my nails shellac’d after I told her I didn’t want to deal with chipped nails or hard ass gel. A co-worker of mine also recommended it, so I said, “What the hell. I made a little money on Friday – treat yourself girl!” And I did.

Shellac'd Nails
Shellac’d Nails


CND polish, the mother of shellac,  is the polish the salon used and it went on like gel, but it dried much thinner leaving a fresh manicured look without the 3rd day chipping. There were about 3 applications to get a deeper color and as many UV light sittings. I was pleased with the outcome and I’m told it lasts a good 14 days. A month if you want but the new growth at the cuticle bed may send you back for touch ups much faster.  I was told to apply a nice layer of sunscreen to the backs of your hands before, to prevent the harmful rays from the UV lights which emits harmful rays. Moisturize and apply cuticle oil to keep them nice and healthy.



You can either visit the salon for an Acetone nail soak or you can buy it yourself (not nail polish remover) and watch an episode of  Dr. Who on the comfort of your own couch. Take a black hard buffing block and help it out a little along the way. Save a couple bucks.

I bought the Acetone with Vitamin E & Grape Seed oil.
ONYX Professional Soak Off


This should help bring some moisture back into your nail beds and cuticles during the removal process. Of course throw some extra cuticle oil on your nails after.


So far my nails are holding up strong and beautiful! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my color, which by the way I believe is “Hot Pop Pink” and I don’t have to worry about last minute manicures before I leave to go to work or an event. They are already perfect!

What, do you ask, am I going to do about all of that polish in my organizer? Well, I still have my feet – an occasional pedi in the salon, but between visits, I can always sit down and get-tah-painting!  Hey, a girls gotta have a little fun!

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