Beauty Haul @ Sephora and the M.A.C Counter with Tata Grrt! (Tara Chaos)


Beauty Therapy!

I NEEDED some shopping therapy…badly. It’s been so long since I’ve made some much needed beauty purchases and on one rainy day, I dragged my beautiful, make-up enthusiast She’tara – Tara Chaos who I like to call Tata Grrt, to the mall with me for … support.

Since I’ve embarked on this grand T.O.I House journey, I wanted to start making videos and tutorials that focused on how to expand our natural beauty through make-up, styling and just plain self love! The issue I had was, I needed more make-up! I mean, I have I think more than the average girl Buuuuuuuuut, If I was going to show people different looks, I needed more options!

Tata and I started out at the M.A.C counter which I told her I have a valid fear of. I have a weakness for M.A.C cosmetics and it’s an unhealthy relationship I’d rather not continue but I HAD to get a new lipstick soooo we approached with caution. My issue is, I can never get what I came for! I’m always trying new shades, new palettes, new blushes, new, new , new….. UGH!

Photography by: Toi Stori For (M.A.C Display Bridgewaer NJ)


So I looked for a specific lip shade I saw on a friend but realized that I had the lip color (Ruby Woo). I just needed a lip liner which, the M.A.C lady gave me. It was “Nightmoth”. It brought my bright red pucker to a deep red wine smooch! Perfect for the fall. We ended up playing in even more makeup. I made an impulsive purchase – hence my weakness – The Simpsons lip gloss which was awesome , but brought me over my beauty  budget and I hadn’t even hit Sephora yet! I returned it within the hour! But while we were there Tata and I had so much fun trying on lip colors we knew we weren’t buying! LOL


Tata Grrt! (Tara Chaos)
Photography by: Toi Stori For


Then we headed over to SEPHORA!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this store! They have everything from EVERY BRAND! It’s just amazing and downright Horrible at the same time!

Sephora is like a colorful vortex you fly into over the Bermuda triangle, only to come out and wonder where the time went!

My goal in Sephora was to buy a colorful Eye shadow palette (Electric Palette by Urban Decay) and a gel Eyeliner (They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics). I’d tried on the gel eyeliner and mascara during a recent trip to return yet another impulsive buy! Hey, don’t judge me! I’m a creature of the moment, and when I leave, the responsibilities like RENT hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m always sad to see the impulsive buys go back to their original display but, I whisper promises that I’ll be back soon to take them home! And I kept my promise! I bought the Eyeliner and Mascara duo and LOVE IT!

Photography by: Toi Stori For
Photography by: Toi Stori For


Anyway, me and Tata Grrt went to town! Lips, eyes, cheeks, foundations…. OMG we were in heaven! I’m sure people looked at us like a bunch of kids in a candy store the way we ran from isle to isle – shouting over the displays ” HOW DOES THIS LOOK ON ME GRRT?!”

Photography by: Toi Stori For
Photography by: Toi Stori For – Sephora Display Bridgewater NJ)

So, I wanted to contour like a pro and who better to teach me than Tata Grrt! Tata is a CONTOUR QUEEN! When the Sephora lady told me to purchase expensive shades and hues to get the perfect contour, Tata looked at me and said, “Grrt, we’re goin’ to CVS and we’re gonna get foundation sticks and call it a day! Cause this ish right here is toooooo expensive”

And she was right! The foundation sticks worked out perfectly for me! Easy to apply, blend and awesome for my complexion! She’s the best! I bought Maybelline FIT me! Shine-Free foundation sticks in Sun Beige (for my highlighter) and Coconut (for my shadow contour).

After spending so much money, I needed therapy from my shopping therapy and bought a 3 Musketeers and Gummy Lifesavers – I eat when I stress! LOL. But, I stayed within my beauty budget which is $50 a month. But since it’d been so long, I combined 2 1/2 months into one day!

Photography by: Toi Stori For
Photography by: Toi Stori For

I Must say, I love all of these products and don’t know how I lived with out them! Check out some more pics of our Beauty Haul day below!

Photography by: Toi Stori For
Photography by: Toi Stori For – Toi Stori and Tara Chaos


Sephora Toi Stori
Photography by: Toi Stori For


Toi Stori at Sephora
Photography by: Toi Stori For



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