Pink Grapefruit Pucker Lip Scrub & Lip Balm – Buy on Etsy $4.50!

Even Innovators need to take time to luxuriate.

Don’t let closing deals and pitching ideas dry out your lips! Try this Pink Grapefruit Pucker Lip Scrub.

My Pink Grapefruit Pucker Lip Scrub has a fresh, sweet and citrus aroma which smells exactly like the fruit. Believed by Aromatherapists to be a spiritual up lifter, it is reputed to ease nervousness, exhaustion and to relieve depression. The sugar and exfoliating wand help to remove dead cracked skin while the coconut and essential oils moisturize and re-hydrate your lips leaving them kissably smooth!

Handmade with sugar, coconut oil, lemon and grapefruit essential oils, red color.

Directions: Moisten exfoliating wand and lips. Apply a small amount of scrub to the wand and massage onto lips using circular motions for 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and apply a lip balm to reveal smoother, softer more succulent lips.

Try our accompanying PINK GRAPEFRUIT PUCKER LIP BALM in our Etsy store!

(May use your finger but certain colors may stain until further washing)

Caution: Although it smells good enough to eat, please do not ingest in large quantities.

Use twice a week to maintain the appearance of visibly smooth and softer feeling lips.

May refrigerate after opening to prolong freshness. Coconut oil hardens when cooled. Texture will return to original texture at room temperature.

Expires in 4 Months.

May Combine with Lip Balm for Combo.

Shipping: $5.50 ($2.50 with another order)

Comes in these cute little packages, right in time for the holidays!


Purchase here on Etsy!

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Often times, we innovators and entrepreneurs let long hours, and sleepless nights get in the way of taking care of ourselves. I, myself, have been guilty of rushing through the showering process – paying attention only to the necessities and found moisturizing to be too cumbersome and time consuming. My weakness is finding a way to do EVERYTHING myself and with that entrepreneurial spirit, I created T.O.I House by Toi Stori – Body Collection. Specifically created for creative minds, innovators and entrepreneurs who often work too hard and neglect to luxuriate and appreciate just how special and gifted they truly are. Take a moment to get to know yourself ALL OVER again. Try T.O.I House by Toi Stori – Body Collection.

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