This #ValentinesDay, I #Challenge you to #LoveYourself!

When was the last time you took a moment to pamper yourself? You are so busy working, grinding and loving EVERYONE else, you may have forgotten to #LoveYourself. Treat yourself to a #SpaDay with this #FREE T.O.I House Spa Set! Luxuriate at home or abroad and use this #ValentinesDay to #LoveYourself all over again!

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

On Feb 14th, we are GIVING AWAY a #FREE T.O.I House Valentine’s Day #SPA Set to 1 lucky winner! She/he will receive:
4 oz Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrub
4 oz Lemon Cookie Sugar Face Scrub
4 oz Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Pink Grapefruit Pucker Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Combo
Ruby Slipper Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Combo.
Glitter Candle Jar/candle

IMPORTANT: You have 14 DAYS to #LoveYourself

You have 14 days to show us and the world what you did to love yourself! If you went out to dinner by yourself and ordered the most delicious meal EVER, we want to see! If you lit candles, put on soft music and broke out your manicure set, show us those toes! AND if you purchased a T.O.I House Body Scrub and USED it, we want to see the results and your happy face! Don’t be shy. You are not alone in neglecting the beautiful King/Queen you are. We all do, but, I EMPOWER you to re-discover SELF LOVE!

Also, to #LoveYourself even MORE, visit for more Valentine’s Day Self Love at T.O.I House!

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Hey Guys!!! Woot Woot for my 1st DIY post, although I have completed many DIY projects since launching T.O.I House! I am actually sitting at my desk at 1:19 AM on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, (happy MLK day btw) forcing myself to actually POST! I just got done imaging, writing, posting, sharing and pinning my latest beauty post you can find here… And I am pooped BUT I just could not go to sleep without doing that all over again for THIS POST and sharing this really easy and cool DIY project I just did today!


So, as you may or may not know, I HAVE AN ETSY SHOOOOOOOP!!! (plug) where I sell body scrubs, lip scrubs and lip balms. As organized as I thought I was, I still had to lug 1 HUGE Container Tub out of my closet and dig through all of my supplies to find what I was looking for. NOT CUTE!

It was ok for what it was when I was first starting, but week after week of fulfilling orders (YAY!), I started getting tired of dragging that thing into the living room! This brings me to my next point.

I went to Walmart to get glitter for another DIY project I’ll be selling on Etsy soon and of course you know we always go to the store for 1 thing and end up leaving with a million other things. Well on that day, I left with a 5 Drawer Tower Organizer for about $30 on top of the glitter, a whisk, a scale for my packages, and gum… Ugh. I just happened to spot it on the way in and thought …hmmm…. I could stuff damn near EVERYTHING I need in there AND I could keep it in the living room instead of the closet! No more heavy lifting for me! So I bought it in black.



Now, black goes with everything buuuuut my living room has enough black in it along with some magenta’s reds, oranges, purples and I left my walls white, since my current place is so…….cozy, I’ll say for a better term. Usually, I’d say TIGHT but i’m trying to walk on a better side of life lol. Movin on…

I didn’t love the top of the organizer… flat black…and black catches dust quickly. I remembered I had a black and white PAISLEY WALLPAPER roll in my closet I’d never used! Perfect! I traced the shape of the top, cut it out, removed the paper from the back and stuck it right on. It literally took me less than 5 minutes!

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

This is such an easy and simple thing to do! You can do this to counter tops, shelves, dresser tops and drawers, whatever you want! I just happened to have the black and white paisley print BUT, don’t be afraid to get a little creative! I found some really cool and colorful prints that I may even look into myself! Take a look, try it out and don’t be afraid to TAKE ON INNOVATION!

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Urban Decay Vice3/NYX Studio Liquid Liner

So I did something new today! And decided to add some #lashes !!! And I didn’t even GO anywhere! Life of a #makeupaddict !!


Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dip Brow Pomade (Auburn)
MAC – Paint Pot

Lids:  Truth, Bobby Dazzle
Crease: Downfall, Alchemy, Defy
Brow bone: Truth
Lower Lid: Alchemy/ MAC Carbon matte

Water Line: White eye liner
Lower Lashes: Benefit They’re Real Mascara


Extreme Black

Ardell Glamour (102 Demi)

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for


Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

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Urban Decay Vice 3- Makeup Tutorial Video!

Hey girls and guys!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’m back with another Makeup Tutorial to start the new year off right! I went on a little shopping spree with a monetary gift from the babes to Sephora and Ulta! I racked up on NYX and Urban Decay beauty products! Watch the video to see what I got and how I created my first Urban Decay Vice 3 look! Click here for my previous post on EVERY item I used to create this look!

Take On Innovation!

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

New Year 2015 – Beauty Look – Beauty Box

The New Year 2015 brought me around some great people, delicious food, refreshing cocktails and of course I celebrated with a nice big, looong passionate kiss with my love at the stroke of 12!

Reflecting on the past year was fairly easy and quick since I make it a habit to reflect as often as possible, simply because it’s important. You can learn from a decision you made last month, even last week. I choose not to wait 365 days to determine if what i did was the best choice, but choose to constantly grow. I’ve had an amazing year and it was filled with promise, goals, accomplishments, love, family, friends and laughter.

I launched T.O.I House which took me the better half of 2014 but through it, I learned, explored, experimented, worked hard and brought my dream to life! 2015 will be filled with just as much excitement if not more and growing her from a baby to a full grown business! Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

I had to bring in 2015 looking the way I felt! Shimmering, glittering, and glowing! Check out my look below!



#aboutlastnight #newyear #2015 #beauty #lookbrand of choice, BROWS: #DipBrowPomade Auburn – Anastasia, #MAC #paintpot, EYES: #urbandecay#vice3 palette & #TheyreReal #mascara and#gelliner @nyxcosmetics roll on #glitter#eyeshadow, #nyx #liquidcrystalliner Crystal Gun Metal, FACE: #urbandecay Naked foundation,#maybelline #fitme foundation sticks coconut & sun beige for highlighting and #contour, #baremineralsloose powder, #nyx mosaic powder #blush MPB10 Love, #nyx LIPS: #makeupforever Rouge Artist Natural #buttergloss apple strudel! Whew!


Xmas #BeautyHaul – Feat. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade- Beauty Box

For Christmas, my loving bf gave me coint to go on a lil #shoppingspree! At first I went to #Sephora and ended up returning a couple of items I found at #ULTA for cheaper! Check them out below! Can I just say, on Christmas I was ECSTATIC?!!! I’ve been playing in it ever since!

My favortite 2 items were the #UrbanDecay Vice 3 palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade – Auburn! My eyebrows have never looked SOOOOOO Amazing! Just …amazing! Love that stuff!

Toi House #Beautyhaul
Photo credit: By Toi Stori for


#beauty #look #DipBrowPomade Auburn -#Anastasiabeverlyhills , #urbandecay #vice3 palette & #gelliner @nyxcosmetics roll on #glitter#eyeshadow, #nyx #liquidcrystalliner Crystal Gun Metal, #nyx mosaic powder #blush MPB10 Love,#nyx #buttergloss apple strudel! #rednailpolish#glitter #polish #nails2inspire #bblogger #nailswag#katvond #matte #lippaint #colorshow #maybelline#gildedrose #ulta #beautyhaul #beauty #Makeup#makeupaddict

#BeautyHack – Cheap DIY Waterproof Makeup Remover/Vaseline – Beauty Box

Have you ever ripped your eyelids apart trying to take off waterproof makeup and eye shadow?! It looks like you’ve been crying or fighting all day cause your eyes are red as HELL! AND they hurt! Yikes!

Try this #beautyhack using only vaseline or any brand of (petroleum jelly) and a cotton pad! It’s like MAGIC!

I used Equate brand from Walmart. It does the EXACT same thing as Vaseline but cheaper! Remember, beauty on a budget!

Simply get a cotton pad, dip it in the vaseline (petroleum jelly), swipe across your eye a few times and watch it all disapper!!!!  Poof!

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Urban Decay Vice 3, NYX Cosmetics – Beauty Box!

Did a cute lil #makeuptutorial today!!! Used my #urbandecay #vice #palette and #nyx #buttergloss #blush and #anastasiabeverlyhills #DipBrowPomade! #eyebrows on #fleek #TheyreReal #gelliner #MAC #paintpot #nyx roll on eye shadow. #fitme #contour& #highlight…Ok gotta go! Gotta edit this #Tutorial !! #toihouse #TakeOnInnovation #ToiStori #bblogger #makeupaddict #beautyhaul #beauty.

On my EYES:

MAC Cosmetics
Paint Pot – Inner eye (towards nose)

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette
Sonic – Crease, Inner and Outer corners <    >
Alchemy – Inner corner – Inner crease C
Bondage – Inner corners, Lower lid
Alien – Inner center lid and blend towards brow
Truth – Beneath brow arch (brow bone)
Bobby Dazzle – Inner eye (towards nose)

They’re Real – Mascara and Gel Push up Liner

Roll On Shimmer – Chestnut


Anastasia Beverly Hills
Dip Brow Pomade – Auburn

MAC Cosmetics
Paint Pot

Clear Brow and Lash Mascara – Gel Primer

On my LIPS:

Butter Gloss – Apple Strudel

Makeup Tutorial coming soon!



Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

Pretty in Pink – She Nailed It!

A little me time doing one of my #favorite things to do!! #Nails !!!##NailLacquer #pinkingofyou and #maybelline #colorshow #gildedrose . I just felt all girly and pink today! #ToiStori #ToiHouse #TakeOnInnovation #beautyhaul #nailpolish #polish #pink #glitter
Which polish is your favorite?