Hey Guys!!! Woot Woot for my 1st DIY post, although I have completed many DIY projects since launching T.O.I House! I am actually sitting at my desk at 1:19 AM on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, (happy MLK day btw) forcing myself to actually POST! I just got done imaging, writing, posting, sharing and pinning my latest beauty post you can find here… And I am pooped BUT I just could not go to sleep without doing that all over again for THIS POST and sharing this really easy and cool DIY project I just did today!


So, as you may or may not know, I HAVE AN ETSY SHOOOOOOOP!!! (plug) where I sell body scrubs, lip scrubs and lip balms. As organized as I thought I was, I still had to lug 1 HUGE Container Tub out of my closet and dig through all of my supplies to find what I was looking for. NOT CUTE!

It was ok for what it was when I was first starting, but week after week of fulfilling orders (YAY!), I started getting tired of dragging that thing into the living room! This brings me to my next point.

I went to Walmart to get glitter for another DIY project I’ll be selling on Etsy soon and of course you know we always go to the store for 1 thing and end up leaving with a million other things. Well on that day, I left with a 5 Drawer Tower Organizer for about $30 on top of the glitter, a whisk, a scale for my packages, and gum… Ugh. I just happened to spot it on the way in and thought …hmmm…. I could stuff damn near EVERYTHING I need in there AND I could keep it in the living room instead of the closet! No more heavy lifting for me! So I bought it in black.



Now, black goes with everything buuuuut my living room has enough black in it along with some magenta’s reds, oranges, purples and I left my walls white, since my current place is so…….cozy, I’ll say for a better term. Usually, I’d say TIGHT but i’m trying to walk on a better side of life lol. Movin on…

I didn’t love the top of the organizer… flat black…and black catches dust quickly. I remembered I had a black and white PAISLEY WALLPAPER roll in my closet I’d never used! Perfect! I traced the shape of the top, cut it out, removed the paper from the back and stuck it right on. It literally took me less than 5 minutes!

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

This is such an easy and simple thing to do! You can do this to counter tops, shelves, dresser tops and drawers, whatever you want! I just happened to have the black and white paisley print BUT, don’t be afraid to get a little creative! I found some really cool and colorful prints that I may even look into myself! Take a look, try it out and don’t be afraid to TAKE ON INNOVATION!

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