The Economics of Book Deals

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Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

moneyWhen I wrote about my own experience going freelance in my Ultimate Guide to Starting a Freelance Writing Business, I mentioned the specific development that allowed me to quit my day job: a six-figure book advance. I didn’t want to get bogged down in the mechanics of book advances/the state of the publishing industry in that post, which was long and involved enough. That said, a freelancer friend wisely pointed out that I might want to explain that further, in case anyone’s reading that and thinking, “Oh, okay! I’ll just get a six-figure book advance then.” There are a number of reasons that I could think this was a reasonable expectation for me at that time (and these reasons, not coincidentally, double as a list of ways I was lucky):

1. We are talking about the lowest end of “six figures.” (I feel like I’m supposed to be coy about…

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Why I Dropped Everything And Started Teaching Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

So interesting!

Brian Mooney

When Kendrick Lamar released his sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly (2015), I was in the middle of teaching a unit on Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye (1970). My freshmen students were grappling with some big ideas and some really complex language. Framing the unit as an “Anti-Oppression” study, we took special efforts to define and explore the kinds of institutional and internalized racism that manifest in the lives of Morrison’s African-American characters, particularly the 11-year-old Pecola Breedlove and her mother, Pauline. We posed questions about oppression and the media – and after looking at the Dick & Jane primers that serve as precursors to each chapter, considered the influence of a “master narrative” that always privileges whiteness.

Set in the 1940s, the Breedlove family lives in poverty. Their only escape is the silver screen, a place where they idolize the glamorous stars of the film industry. Given the historical context…

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Road Trip! – Easy Clean Makeup Look


This is my #travel #MakeupRoutine. Sometimes you just need a very light beat. No need for full #foundation coverage. Overnight travel requires minimal to no makeup. Just a good moisturizer or tintedmoisturizer some lip balm and water to keep you hydrated.

But if you’re traveling during the day and plan to make few stops, there’s nothing wrong with a few basic essentials!
ALSO USE THIS AS PREP: for later on when you want to pull out the big dogs n palettes for creative night time fun!

1. BROWS- Frame your face. So when they’re groomed and filled in, there’s not much you need to do to look like a #natural #beauty! I used#AnastasiaBeverlyHills #DipBrowPomade Auburn #mac #studiofinish concealer

2. BLUSH – adds LIFE to your complexion. If you feel a little washed out and pale, dab a little color along the underside of your #cheekbones to give the appearance of healthy blood flow and #contoured features! I used #NYX #MosaicPowder Love | Amour

3. EYES – can tell a lot about your mood and the type of #entertainment you’re looking to encounter. Because it’s a bright sunny day for this road trip, I kept it light with my #urbandecay #primerpotion, a basic #makeupforever #mascara and an iridescent#bareminerals all over powder for my lids called#true.

4. LIPS – need constant moisture, so use your favorite balm or #lipgloss and add just the slightest tint of color to the center of your mouth and blend out to achieve that perfect #pout. #instabeauty#beautyblogger #instamakeup #hudabeauty#beautyhaul #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

Eat what you please and your body will become a monument to freedom.


Chef’s Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef, featuring Ben Shewry (Attica Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia), Magnus Nilsson (Fäviken in Järpen Sweden), Francis Mallmann (El Restaurante Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Niki Nakayama (N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, USA), Dan Barber (Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns and in New York City, USA) and Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy) and thier unique look at their lives, talents and passion from their piece of culinary heaven. Chef’s Table premieres exclusively on Netflix, April 26th, wherever Netflix is available.Ferdinando_Scianna__Capri_1984-3

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Rich flourless chocolate cake

My fav!

Simple food

flourless chocolate cake2 resized

Cake baking is best when it can be deeply enjoyed – no pressure of time; no interruptions; and no requirement that it turn out perfectly. Just relaxed time in the kitchen and the bringing together of beautiful ingredients to create something wonderful. This chocolate cake was the result of a holiday afternoon baking session. The house was filled with the rich aroma of dark chocolate and coffee, and it was a gorgeous way to spend time on a rainy day. It’s a very simple cake to make, but really needs the best ingredients – dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids and real dutch process cocoa, organic eggs, real vanilla extract, and a really good espresso. It is very rich so a small slice is plenty. Serve it for dessert with some thick cream, and a perfect flat white on the side.

flourless chocolate cake4 resized

Serves 10 – 12

200g almond meal
250g dark chocolate

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