Makeup Purge: What I’m Getting Rid Of & Why

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It is spring cleaning time and while I’ve been prancing around in sweatpants trying to tidy up my digs, I’ve also collected some less than stellar or simply unnecessary items in my vanity.  Thanks to some “meh” items from Ipsy bags and Birchboxes (I don’t want your crappy body lotions, Ipsy, enough!) I have quite a stash that I’ll be sharing with my friends and sisters.  Here are just some of them.
1 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.  This stuff is heavy on the face and seriously fragranced, two things both my skin and I hate.  You can read more about this and more of her products if you’d like (here).

2 Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer.  I already have MAC’s Prep & Prime which is a better shade for me anyway.  My sister likes this stuff, though, so happy Thursday Amanda!  If you’re looking for a drugstore…

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