First Impressions: Sephora Rouge Lipstick

Love Sephora. Expensive but they have v great product. Budget for your favorite items. I’ve been known to return a few things a few times lol.

Becca B. Beauty

Now I was doing a bit of research into Sephora’s own brand lipsticks because I like to be precise as to what make it is, and noticed they had a variety of ‘Rouge’ lipsticks.. However I could only find Rouge Shine, Rouge Creme, Rouge Infusion Lip Stain or the VIB collections. This lipstick I purchased just last week only seems to be called ‘Sephora Rouge’ in a shade that’s very difficult to find any information about? Does anyone know if this range has been discontinued in the U.S.? Just it seems a little unhelpful if you can’t even seem to purchase the product I’m about to describe!! But nonetheless, I thought it was worth describing my thoughts on this lipstick brand, as it’s the first lipstick that isn’t Mac that I’ve purchased in a long long long long time!! (Plus I’ve never tried Sephora’s own collection!)

Anyway, as you may…

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