My Makeup Collection: Eyes

Yaaaaaas! I love this collection!

Clairey Sweetie

Hey Sweeties,

Continuing with my posts taking you through my makeup collection having already shown you my foundations (here) & blushers (here), today I thought I would take you through eyes, specifically palettes, individual pans and crayons.

eye Makeup collection

eye makeup collection

Ofra in shade, Bliss: The problem with eye palettes and individual pans is that unless the brand, colour etc. is really good, the pans can get lost in the drawer and that is kind of what has happened here with Ofra. I got this sometime early last year I think in a Love me Beauty Box (here), and although I liked it at the time, it eventually got forgotten about until I dug everything out to photograph for this post. However, while I am loving bronze and gold tones, I should try and re-incorporate this pan back into the mix.

Barry M Makeup

Barry M Dazzle Dust pots

Barry M Dazzle Dust pots

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