Organizational Overview

T.O.I House by Toi Stori

T.O.I House by Toi Stori (T.O.I House) was created by artist and writer Toi Stori as a creative outlet to display, encourage and explore the vast layers of art, creativity and innovation. Not only is T.O.I the initials of the creator of T.O.I House but, it also stands for – Take On Innovation. This slogan is not just a tag line, but a message to encourage other creative minds to follow their dreams, pursue their goals and to become a better version of themselves through art.

Toi Stori’s mission is to take on innovation one blog and one product at a time, by reaching out to others whose imaginations take them only but so far. By building a brand through T.O.I House, Toi Stori strives to create a strong social presence through social networks, media, video channels such as YouTube and consumer products such as music, books and her handmade natural beauty collection.

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