Welcome to the magical realm of Orgon where select mortals of Orgon train in magic, spirituality, physical and mental wellness to compete in The Divine Spirit Games, which occurs every millennium, to become master spirit warriors to bring peace, prosperity, and blessings to their homeworlds. Mortals pray to the Divine Spirit couple (The Feminine & Masculine wisps) who created them for healing, power, and strength against the evil spirits and creatures forged by their nemesis who is the third part of their trinity, the Supreme Spirit wisp.

This new age epic mythology brings black girl magic to life in this diverse epic young adult genre series about a young woman named Tara Nahara whose birth had been prophesied for millennia as the savior or destroyer of The Universe. Origin stories of The Divine Spirit wisps, a sabotaged Spirit Game marathon, and modern-day warfare take us on a journey through the spirit realms of Orgon in 3 tales of this mythology — ‘The Birth, Evolution and Almost Destruction of The Universe’, ‘The Creation of the Realms of Orgon’, and ‘The Ballroom on Tower Street & The Prophecies of Tara Nahara’.

As Tara Nahara competes in the most recent Divine Spirit Games (Hunger Games style), she utilizes the ancient spiritual schools of philosophy of Orgon to gain full control of her physical, mental and spiritual powers through creative arts like dance, music, martial arts, and mental wellness to save the Earth realm and all of Orgon from the Supreme Wisp who seeks to destroy it all. By walking in the footsteps of ancient warriors spirits before her, can she overcome supremacy, misogyny, racism, and patriarchy and bring peace to The Universe once and for all?

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