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‘Blood of a Queen’ Trilogy – 

Blood of a Queen: Book 1 – Published 2016
A King’s Ransom: Book 2 – Release date TBD
Title’ TBD: Book 3 – Release date TBD

Blood of a Queen: Book 1

Published 2016

A secret so deadly, she should have stayed hidden. A young woman’s newfound independence takes her into the heart of a dangerous city in New York; a place her parents forbade her to return to. Ruby, beautiful, yet, sheltered and naive, unearths a web of deception, betrayal and love triangles. She stumbles upon a family secret so deadly, she makes it her mission to prove the serious accusations against her family untrue. A forbidden love interest emerges on her quest for truth and Ruby struggles between following her young heart, or remaining loyal to a long lost childhood friend who has recruited her help to solve a crime; a crime that will turn her family’s lives upside down.With the help of her cousin Sheila, the duo uncovers hidden secrets from not only her past, but those closest to her; resetting the wheels in motion to overthrow a troubled, yet, powerful Kingpin upon her arrival. Dangerous, thrilling and seductive, the Blood Of A Queen Series is a tale of an insatiable thirst for freedom and hidden truths that will take you on a journey to the deepest darkest places in New York to find it.

A King’s Ransom: Book 2

In progress

A King's Ransom

A King’s Ransom – Book 2 – Advance Reader Copy ARC – The second novel in the ‘Blood of a Queen’ trilogy picks up w/ Ruby as she submerges herself even deeper into the hidden family secret she has uncovered. As she surrenders to forbidden love & discovers a plot that puts her life and those around her in grave danger, will she uncover the truth and save her family and friends before it’s too late?

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