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Don’t spend so much money on things you love! Try to DIY! Come here for great DIY ideas!

11 Successful Makers Who Prove It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love

Check out this cool article!

It’s never too late to follow your passion no matter what it is! We’d all love to quit our day jobs and do what we love. Check out this Yahoo article for great inspiration on people who have followed their passions and are making a living from it!

11 Successful Makers Who Prove It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love

Photo: Layla Fanucci Article: Christine Erickson – Editor ‎October‎ ‎05‎, ‎2015


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Part 1: Inception & Discovery

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Facial Exfoliation Using a Fig and Chamomile Tea

Cool exfoliation trick! Natural and easier on our natural resources! Great post!

Priority Check


Plastic micro-beads are littering our oceans and waterways. Many of these tiny plastic beads are then consumed by animals and can lead to their death. Birds and fish alike think they are eating fish eggs when they eat plastic micro-beads. When an animal’s stomach is full of plastic, it cannot hold enough food to absorb the required nutrients it’s body needs.

I have a quick and easy solution to replace any store-bought facial exfoliants. You can probably find it right your own kitchen. Dried figs!! This is a zero-waste method of gently scrubbing away trapped dirt from your pores. Chamomile tea and milk are well-known natural skin brighteners.

All you will need is a dried fig and a small glass of cool chamomile tea or milk. If you do not have chamomile tea, you could substitute green tea which is full of anti-oxidants. You may even use water, if you…

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Valentine’s Day Idea’s – For Yourself and the One You Love

Make this Valentine’s Day special for you and the one you love!

Check out some awesome Valentine’s Day idea’s in my Pinterest link below!

There’s everything you need all in one place:


beauty vd





Nails VD









home decor VD

























Fashion VD







Dinner VD








Dessert VD


Cocktails VD



Hey Guys!!! Woot Woot for my 1st DIY post, although I have completed many DIY projects since launching T.O.I House! I am actually sitting at my desk at 1:19 AM on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, (happy MLK day btw) forcing myself to actually POST! I just got done imaging, writing, posting, sharing and pinning my latest beauty post you can find here… And I am pooped BUT I just could not go to sleep without doing that all over again for THIS POST and sharing this really easy and cool DIY project I just did today!


So, as you may or may not know, I HAVE AN ETSY SHOOOOOOOP!!! (plug) where I sell body scrubs, lip scrubs and lip balms. As organized as I thought I was, I still had to lug 1 HUGE Container Tub out of my closet and dig through all of my supplies to find what I was looking for. NOT CUTE!

It was ok for what it was when I was first starting, but week after week of fulfilling orders (YAY!), I started getting tired of dragging that thing into the living room! This brings me to my next point.

I went to Walmart to get glitter for another DIY project I’ll be selling on Etsy soon and of course you know we always go to the store for 1 thing and end up leaving with a million other things. Well on that day, I left with a 5 Drawer Tower Organizer for about $30 on top of the glitter, a whisk, a scale for my packages, and gum… Ugh. I just happened to spot it on the way in and thought …hmmm…. I could stuff damn near EVERYTHING I need in there AND I could keep it in the living room instead of the closet! No more heavy lifting for me! So I bought it in black.



Now, black goes with everything buuuuut my living room has enough black in it along with some magenta’s reds, oranges, purples and I left my walls white, since my current place is so…….cozy, I’ll say for a better term. Usually, I’d say TIGHT but i’m trying to walk on a better side of life lol. Movin on…

I didn’t love the top of the organizer… flat black…and black catches dust quickly. I remembered I had a black and white PAISLEY WALLPAPER roll in my closet I’d never used! Perfect! I traced the shape of the top, cut it out, removed the paper from the back and stuck it right on. It literally took me less than 5 minutes!

Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for
Photo Credit: By Toi Stori for

This is such an easy and simple thing to do! You can do this to counter tops, shelves, dresser tops and drawers, whatever you want! I just happened to have the black and white paisley print BUT, don’t be afraid to get a little creative! I found some really cool and colorful prints that I may even look into myself! Take a look, try it out and don’t be afraid to TAKE ON INNOVATION!

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#BeautyHack – Cheap DIY Waterproof Makeup Remover/Vaseline – Beauty Box

Have you ever ripped your eyelids apart trying to take off waterproof makeup and eye shadow?! It looks like you’ve been crying or fighting all day cause your eyes are red as HELL! AND they hurt! Yikes!

Try this #beautyhack using only vaseline or any brand of (petroleum jelly) and a cotton pad! It’s like MAGIC!

I used Equate brand from Walmart. It does the EXACT same thing as Vaseline but cheaper! Remember, beauty on a budget!

Simply get a cotton pad, dip it in the vaseline (petroleum jelly), swipe across your eye a few times and watch it all disapper!!!!  Poof!

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DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey Guys,

Toi Stori here and I’m back with 2 DIY Halloween Makeup Looks: Afrocentric Sugar Skull and a Sexy Cat Look! Unfortunately, my camera died halfway during my Sugar Skull video, So I have the beginning and the end LOL It was still fun!

Do one of these looks this Halloween and impress your friends!

See below for products used during the tutorial:



Anti Aging Eye Primer Potion – Urban Decay
L’OREAL Paris – Violet Eyeliner
Face Paint – White/Purple/Yellow/Red/Black/Blue –
Electric Palette – Urban Decay
Glitter Cream Pallet – NYX
Carbon Matte – MAC Eyeshadow

Anti Aging Eye Primer Potion – Urban Decay
Amber Lights (Frost) – MAC Eye Shadow
Embark Matte – MAC Eye Shadow
Carbon Matte – MAC Eye Shadow
Black eye liner
White eye liner
Skone – Tattoo liquid Eyeliner
They’re Real (Mascara) – Benefit
Naked Skin – Urban Decay- Shade 9.0
Concealer – MAC – NC45 Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum



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