The American dream feels unattainable as a young black woman, Destiny Holmes with an undiagnosed mental illness, and a group of her diverse friends, struggle to pursue their dream careers outside of their day/night jobs where they work to make ends meet.

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In this dramedy series fit for TV, streaming, and cable, Destiny and her 2 closest friends, Trinity and Braxton face relatable yet unique obstacles as they navigate adulthood, careers, relationships, and battle past grievances that make moving forward in life more difficult. Destiny seems to have the most difficulty maintaining her mental health as she struggles to succeed at her new job at the Ad agency. She lacks confidence in her ability to do great work like her superstar colleagues having previously worked as a bartender with little corporate experience. Co-workers mock her and gossip about her daydreaming when she escapes into her imaginative “mind space” during working hours to let loose and let it all out. Destiny’s mind space is a place where she reinvents herself and gains the courage to do in her mind what she wishes she can do in reality. But with the encouragement of her “inner self” (another Destiny) who is both her best friend and worst enemy, she perseveres to find the strength to overcome her own internal struggles.

Destiny also can’t escape her old flame Jazz – an indie musician, as a new love interest Terrance – a budding Reiki master, helps her to manage her mental distress through mindfulness and meditation. As she heads into her colorful fantasy mind space to escape the real world, her undiagnosed mental illness blends together insecurities, painful memories, and a comedic variety of fantasies as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery to unveil her “fullest potential” so that she may not only win against her rivals at work but also in life.

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‘End’s Meet’ is copy written and registered with The Writer’s Guild of America.

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